Porta Party Patch
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Porta Party Patch

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IYKYK: The sighting of a porta potty when you're in need on a run is nirvana. 

Like a mirage in the desert, finding a porta is the first win. Discovering TP is the next best discovery. Capture that sanctuary feeling and adorn your bags, jackets, and more with this embroidered patch. 

Some people may ask you "is that a porta potty patch??" and you will know those are not your people. For anyone who sees this patch and gives you a knowing laugh - that's who you need to plan your next long run beside. 

This 3"x3.5" iron or sew-on patch is a nod to the shared experience of every runner who knows the pure, unadulterated joy of stumbling upon a portable paradise. Finding a porta potty mid-stride is a triumph that deserves more than just a pit stop—it deserves a party! 🏃‍♂️🚽🎉

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