RDR will be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12-14
RDR will be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12-14
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Race Day Rangers Scholarship Fund

The Race Day Scholarship Fund: Empowering Endurance Athletes and Charitable Causes

How It All Began: A Fund for Charity Runners, started by a Charity Runner

It all started with a simple sticker designed by Founder and RDR Owner, Lauren Nutter. She used her first design “Boston 2020” sticker to express gratitude to donors who supported a campaign for her Boston Marathon bib when she was accepted to a charity team in 2019. What began as a humble fundraising effort known by the Instagram name “MarathonLauren”, it soon evolved into something much more significant as new designs were requested and more marathon registration forms were filled out. The journey led to pursuing the "Big 6" and an expansion in merchandise, adding more races, and expanding from stickers to flags. In 2023, Race Day Rangers was acquired, opening the door to design and promote additional merchandise that serves not only our fundraising goals but also the aspirations of others. Our products are meant to inspire and celebrate some of the largest accomplishments athletes can pursue. 

At the heart of every remarkable endeavor lies the pursuit of ambitious goals and a willingness to embrace challenges. The Race Day Rangers Scholarship Fund embodies this spirit by championing the dreams of endurance athletes and supporting global causes. Founded with a vision to donate $1 million for charitable endeavors through athletic pursuits, this fund is more than just a fund for athletes – it's a symbol of unwavering commitment.

Our Mission

The mission of the RDR Race Day Scholarship Fund is clear and resolute: to inspire individuals to chase their boldest aspirations and to lighten the difficulties that come with them. We strive to fundraise $1 million for worldwide causes through athletic pursuits, with a particular focus on supporting endurance athletes. We believe in the power of physical challenges to unite people, drive change, and make the world a better place.


A Special Tribute to Charity Runners and a Partner to Charitable Causes


Charity runners are a unique breed of athletes. In addition to the rigorous training and preparation required for global Majors, they dedicate themselves to fundraising, event coordination, donation solicitation, and the advocacy of their charity's mission for months on end in tandem with grueling training and recovery schedules. To honor this remarkable commitment, the Race Day Rangers Scholarship Fund was established. It's here to make it easier for charity runners to respond with an emphatic "yes" when asked if they have what it takes to pursue monumental goals.


The Race Day Rangers Scholarship Fund is not just a scholarship; it's a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and collective action. Together, we can make the world a better place, one race, one charity runner, and one big goal at a time.


Your Purchase Makes a Difference Supporting Charity Racers Worldwide

When you make a purchase from Race Day Rangers, you're not just acquiring a product; you're contributing to the RDR Race Day Scholarship Fund's noble cause. Established in 2023, the scholarship fund has already made substantial contributions to runners participating in the Abbott World Marathon Majors directly from the profits of the business. These contributions have played a vital role in supporting charity racers and the remarkable causes they represent.

How to Apply for Funds

Race Day Rangers considers itself a true partner to all official charities affiliated with athletic pursuits and extends an open invitation to runners on charity teams worldwide, encouraging them to apply for funds and stay connected for current and future opportunities. Our commitment extends beyond financial support; it's a pledge to be there every step of the way, celebrating your achievements and driving positive change together.

A portion of the proceeds from every item directly benefits an increasing number of racers each year. These funds are distributed directly to selected runner's charities, amplifying the impact of their efforts. Runners are chosen through social media engagement leading up to each supported event. No purchases are necessary to be eligible for scholarship funds. To stay updated on opportunities to apply for a scholarship, support these runners, and to be the first to access new products, follow @racedayrangers on Instagram, and subscribe to our email list at racedayrangers.com.