A Runner's Rejection Text Patch
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A Runner's Rejection Text Patch

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It's a text we've all sent. Sometimes, it's sent with relief instead of remorse - but as always, the long run is the perfect excuse to say "I'm out". Your best friends will know that the best reply will always be "No sweat, have a good run!"

Introducing the Runner's Rejection Text Patch, the perfect solution for those who love fitness but hate flaking on friends! This catchy and humorous patch features a witty text that anyone can use to decline plans and prioritize their fitness goals without feeling guilty or awkward.

Stash this one anytime you need to effortlessly decline invitations to social events and let your friends know that you have to go for a run the next day, all while adding a touch of humor to the situation. The patch is designed with iron or sew-on backing to be easy to attach to your clothes, jackets, bags, or accessories.


This patch is approximately 4"x1" embroidered. 

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