RDR will be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12-14
RDR will be at the Boston Marathon Expo April 12-14
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Charity Runner Patch
Race Day Rangers

Charity Runner Patch

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Instead of a product description, I had ChatGPT wrote a poem for charity runners:

"Strides of Love" 

A charity runner, strong and true, Laces up their shoes and starts anew, With purpose in their heart and mind, They run with passion, one of a kind.

Their feet hit the pavement, swift and sure, As they run for a cause, so pure, To raise funds for those in need, A selfless act, indeed.

The challenges come, as they often do, But the charity runner, they push on through, With grit and determination, They overcome every limitation.

Their spirit shines, bright and bold, As they run for the young and old, With each step they take, they bring hope, And inspire others to cope.

For the charity runner, it's not just a race, But a chance to make a difference, to embrace, The power of giving and love, And all the blessings it can prove.

So here's to the charity runner, With qualities that never falter, Their heart of gold and strength of will, Inspires us all to do good, still.


We know charity runners do the same training, preparation, rehab, and workload of those who qualify - and then they become marketers, fundraisers, sales advocates, cheerleaders, and event planners on top of it. Your causes are lucky to have you working so hard on their behalf - what a testament to your incredible spirit and heart of gold. 


This embroidered patch is approximately 2" x 4" made with iron-on/sew-on backing. Ideal for gym bags, tees, jackets, and other places you might show off your status as a charity runner. 

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