Chäir Merit Badge Patch for Ultrarunners
Race Day Rangers

Chäir Merit Badge Patch for Ultrarunners

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Well, ok, maybe I'll just sit down for a minute. Ooh, are these pizza rolls? Don't mind if I do! Well, maybe just one more minute here. I could use a little extra fuel for this next leg. Well, maybe it's wise to rest up a little longer. I'd hate to blow up so close to the finish. Well, maybe just a few more pizza rolls. Well, maybe today's just not my day. Normalize DNF'ing and live to fight another day, ya know? Ooh, are those Twizzlers?

Race Day Rangers merit badges are 1.5" diameter embroidered patches with an iron-on backing. They can be ironed or sewn on to gym bags, race singlets, hats, or any place running mementos are kept.

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